About your guide…

Hi, my name is Sebastiaan, 48 years old, from The Netherlands, currently living in Costa Rica.

I believe we are here to realign our being with our highest truth. This means to embrace our authenticity and to think, speak and act in alignment with that inner compass.

I delved into Zen Buddhism and Self-realization, exploring the workings of the mind and its connection with the body. A decade ago, I became a Rebalancer, a bodyworker, assisting people in healing past traumas and overcoming present ailments through therapeutic massage and guided Self Inquiry.

Alongside spiritual influences from Asia, I immersed myself in the teachings of Plant and Fungi medicine through encounters with Latin American shamans. Natural mind-expanding remedies have been an integral part of my life for over two decades. Combining meditation practices with these medicines has remarkably accelerated the healing process. For about five years, I have also guided others with Ps. mushrooms supporting them on their inner healing journeys.

Life Mission

I believe humanity is at a pivotal point in its existence. We are such strong beings when we are connected, grounded and aligned, with great potential to create heaven on earth for ourselves and for the beings around us… To create beauty and peace again in our lives, we must consciously reconnect with ourselves, with an open heart, with forgiveness, patience and love for ourselves. We must realize that we are the creators of our own lives and we need to take full responsibility for them. When we truly realize that we are the creators of our lives, we become powerful beings again, independent, stable, strong, compassionate and happy.

Supporting this awakening, healing and realignment process is my life’s mission.

Living in alignment is true empowerment, all our life energy flows in harmony. It’s a state of being in surrender to the inner guidance, our most fundamental compass… all else is distraction…